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They may need assistance. Assistance with actual usage and application of assistive technology devices is one of the easiest ways to increase quality of life for the aging population. Too often the decision not to use their devices (walkers, canes, support braces, hearing aids, etc.) happened a long time ago based upon a correctable inconvenience. Once corrected, the interests, hobbies, conversations, and stories from long ago can spark new relationships and interests.

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Hearing loss, when left uncorrected, diminishes quality of life and leads to social isolation, cognitive decline and decreased mobility. Difficulties with hearing can also affect emotional
well-being and necessitate help with activities of daily living.  Consider the following action items to help your loved one:

1. Help your loved one get their hearing checked.
2. Make sure their hearing devices are in good working order and are effective.
3. Is your mom or dad not using their hearing aids because they are uncomfortable? Help them seek options for better fitting devices.



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