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McClure, BSN, RN, PHN Care Manager

McClure, BSN, RN, PHN Care Manager

BSN, RN, PHN Care Manager at Livewell Private Care
Nicole is a Registered Nurse with acute hospital direct care and care management experience. She also brings solid skills in marketing and sales. She has been married for 29 years and resides in Southern California. She and her husband developed an international marketing team in the telecommunications industry, which now spans 24 countries. In October 2005 they joined a team that went on to create the 318th fastest growing privately held company and grew at a 758% growth rate in its first five years. Nicole joined the Livewell team in 2014. The company has thrived under her leadership. She attributes all success in business to customer service and truly caring about the outcome for all involved. Her motto is “We are always taking stock of where we are and bridging to the ideal because finished never is…”
McClure, BSN, RN, PHN Care Manager

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Now more than ever, it’s hard to make the right care decisions for your loved one. If you are considering in-home care, our team is ready, trained, and equipped.

Ready. We’re doing Care Consultations and accepting new clients so they can remain at home where they want to be.

Trained. Our Care Pros and 24/7 support staff—all W2 employees—are continually trained on how to care for older adults more safely using the latest public health guidance, including proper techniques for handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, and using personal protective equipment. 

Equipped. We’ve developed Care Protect, an industry-leading system of infection control and personal protective equipment protocols to support the safety and well-being of our clients and caregivers.

  • Our Care Pros do a mandatory pre-visit symptom and temperature self-check, get a new mask for every visit, and must pass our strict clearance screening before returning to work after an illness.
  • We keep our clients and Care Pros informed for their safety, sending notifications of any potential infectious disease exposure.

At a time when safety is just as important as quality, I hope you’ll share this with others who may be looking for in-home care. We go above and beyond, following rigorous best practices for care. I’d appreciate any referrals you may have to families who may need our services during this challenging time. 

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