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November Newsletter


Whether seniors really love making crafts or not, spending time working on
projects over the holiday can create precious, joyful memories. There are many
ways to make these activities more meaningful to seniors:

• Turning on holiday music while crafting
• Planning projects as gifts to loved ones
• Inviting friends or family to participate
• Using the projects to decorate• Encouraging storytelling and memory-sharing while crafting
• Completing projects to donate to charity
• Incorporating mementos or favorite knick-knacks into crafts
• Making regular time to work on crafts over the season

Nicole McClure, BSN, RN, Client Services Manager

BSN, RN, Client Services Manager at Livewell Private Care
Nicole is a Registered Nurse with a varied background in marketing and sales. She has been married for 27 years and resides in Southern California. She and her husband in 1995 went on to develop an international marketing team in the telecommunications industry, which now spans 24 countries. In October 2005 they joined a team that went on to create the 318th fastest growing privately held company and grew at a 758% growth rate in its first five years. Nicole joined the Livewell Care, Inc. team full time in 2014 as President.The company has doubled in the last year under her leadership. She attributes all success in business to customer service and truly caring about the outcome for all involved.Her motto is “We are always taking stock of where we are and bridging to the ideal because finished never is…”

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