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Food is anything we consume that gives us nutritional value to the body. Nutrition is where an organism uses food to support its life. Dietetics is basically applying the knowledge of nutrition to the diet.

During the month of March, people are invited to learn more about making better food choices and developing healthy eating and physical activity habits. An annual campaign is created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This year the theme is, to celebrate a world of flavors, which embraces global cultures, cuisines, and inclusivity.

There are various ways of observing the National Nutrition Awareness Month;
  • You can look up various recipes and different cuisines to try so that you expand your choice of meals. This helps you appreciate other cultures and their cuisines.
  • If you are an active workout person you can choose to try out other ways of working out. Those who have never tried, can try it out and see what works for them and decide to make it a routine to be observed either daily or on certain days.
  • If you are looking to have a meal plan you can look for professional and qualified dietitians and nutritionists who will help you come up with a healthy eating plan that works well for you.

Reasons, why National Nutrition Awareness Month is important, are;

  • It is a reason for us to look at our nutrition, consider healthier meals and consider diets that will leave us healthier than before.
  • It stresses the importance of a balanced diet. Gets one to live a healthier life.
  • During this time, we eat fresh and healthy food which leaves us feeling good about ourselves. The skin feels smooth, the hair and nails get strong and generally, our body gets better at its functions.
  • Nutrition isn’t only about what we eat; this month also creates awareness of physical health. Nutrition and Dietetics encourage exercising. Try Zumba or walking. Get a fitness plan that works for you.

Therefore, during this month take the time to analyze your health goals and targets. Be open to ideas when it comes to living healthy. Remember a healthy life is a happy life.